Budget 2007 - People Of Working Age

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One-Parent Family Payment

  • Increased upper income threshold for entitlement to One-Parent Family Payment by €25, from €375 to €400 per week (May 2007)
  • Provide for credited contributions for recipients of One-Parent Family Payment who take time off work following the birth of a child (April 2007)

Jobseekers Allowance/ PRETA/ Disability Allowance/ Farm Assist

  • Introduction of a daily earnings disregard of €20 per day, for up to 3 days per week, for Jobseeker's Allowance and Farm Assist recipients with children
  • Increased daily earnings disregard of €7.30, from €12.70 to €20 for Jobseeker's Allowance and Farm Assist recipients without children
  • Reform the assessment of spouse's earnings for Jobseeker's Allowance/PRETA /Disability Allowance/Farm Assist recipients so as to reward work (September 2007)

Maternity & Adoptive Benefit

  • Increased reckonable weekly earnings threshold from €332 to €350, for determination of entitlement to earnings related Maternity & Adoptive Benefit
  • Increase of €25.20 in minimum rate to €207.80 per week (January 2007)
  • Extra 4 weeks Maternity Benefit to 26 weeks (March 2007)

Rent Supplement & Supplementary Welfare Allowance

  • Recipients of Rent Supplement, who are on a Local Authority housing list under the Rent Accommodation Scheme, may take up full time employment and remain eligible for Rent Supplement
  • Increased Rent Supplement household income disregard applicable to those
  • taking up part-time employment
  • availing of an employment opportunity
  • in receipt of a maintenance payment of 50% of any additional income up to €200 per week, subject to a minimum disregard of €75
  • Increased capital disregard for entitlement to Rent or Mortgage Interest Supplement and Supplementary Welfare Allowance from €520 to €5,000 and reform assessment in line with that of other schemes (April 2007)

Back To Work Allowance

  • Entitlement extended to those who are in receipt of Jobseeker's Allowance for 2 years or more at a weekly rate of less than €50.79 (single) or €78.72 (couple) (March 2007)

Back To Education Allowance

  • Reduced qualifying period from 3 to 2 years in respect of Illness Benefit recipients
  • Extend immediate entitlement to people made redundant provided they have an entitlement to statutory redundancy and are entitled to a social welfare payment (September 2007)

Back To Education Programme

  • Extend entitlement to a €32 per week Out of Pocket Expenses payment to all those participating in the Education, Training & Development option of the Back To Education Programme (May 2007)

Jobseeker's Benefit

  • Raised redundancy payment threshold by €31,054 to €50,000 for disqualification to entitlement to Jobseeker's Benefit for up to 9 weeks (February 2007)

Illness Benefit & Jobseeker's Benefit

  • Enable recipients of Carer's Allowance or Benefit who previously received Illness or Jobseeker's Benefit to revert to that payment at the same rate as previously paid if more beneficial to them
  • Enable those in receipt of Illness Benefit for 2 years, and who subsequently undertake employment of less than 26 weeks duration, to return to Illness Benefit entitlement at the same rate as previously paid (May 2007)

Deserted Wife's Benefit

  • Payment of maximum personal rate subject to contribution conditions where the annual income does not exceed €20,000
  • Introduce a transitional payment of half rate Deserted Wife's Benefit for 6 months where a recipient's annual income exceeds €20,000 (May 2007)

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