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If you are aged 66 or over, the All Ireland Free Travel Scheme will entitle you to travel for free on transport services operating internally within Northern Ireland, using a Senior SmartPass card.

Who can travel?

To qualify for free travel within Northern Ireland, you must be aged 66 or over. Under the terms of the concessionary fares scheme in Northern Ireland, only the SmartPass holder is entitled to travel free of charge. If you have a married, civil partner, cohabitant or companion pass from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, the SmartPass does not entitle your spouse, civil partner, cohabitant or companion to accompany you for free within Northern Ireland. Your spouse, civil partner, cohabitant or companion may continue to travel with you for free on cross-border journeys.

You cannot use your existing free travel pass for free travel within Northern Ireland, however you should continue to use it for free travel within the Republic of Ireland.


To avail of free travel within Northern Ireland, you must first obtain a Senior SmartPass card.

How can you get a Senior Smartpass?

An application form (FTNI1) must be completed (using black pen or biro).

Application forms are available as follows:

When you have completed the application form:

The completed application form must be brought to your nearest local Social Welfare Office along with:

  • A recent passport standard colour photograph and
  • Evidence of your identity (driving license/passport/any other form of photo id, if available) and
  • Evidence of address (a recent utility bill, for example electricity/gas/phone/waste charges bill or a bank/building society/credit union statement) and
  • Current Free Travel Pass

Following processing of your application, your Senior SmartPass card, together with instructions for use, will be posted direct to your home address by post. It may take up to six weeks to process the application.

There is no charge for your first Senior Smartpass card. There may be a charge for replacement cards. Please keep your Senior Smartpass card in a safe place.


Any tickets purchased within Northern Ireland while waiting for your Senior SmartPass are non-refundable.

Last modified:21/05/2015