Annual Report 2008-National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2007-2016

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The National Action Plan for Social Inclusion, 2007 to 2016, was launched in

February 2007. It sets out a wide-ranging and comprehensive programme of action to assist those who continue to be socially excluded from the improving living standards and opportunities that the majority enjoy. The plan contains a series of high level goals and targets aimed at making a decisive impact onpoverty. They focus on:

  • Ensuring children reach their full potential;
  • Supporting working age people and people with disabilities, through
  • activation measures and the provision of services to increase employment and participation;
  • Providing the type of supports that enable older people to maintain a comfortable and high-quality standard of living;
  • Building viable and sustainable communities, improving the lives of people living in disadvantaged areas and building social capital.

The Plan recognises, in particular, the continuing challenges faced by those in work but on low incomes, as well as the vulnerability of those in households without any employment. In view of this there is a renewed emphasis in the Action Plan on services, activation and supporting good quality employment.

This Report outlines the progress made in implementing the National Action Plan in 2008. The progress made in meeting the High Level Goals of the Action Plan in relation to the life cycles is described in Part 1 of the Report. The Action Plan sets down a series of more specific targets, also on a lifecycle basis, and the extent to which these are being achieved is detailed in Part 2 of the report.

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