National Action Plan Against Poverty and Social Exclusion 2001-2003 (NAPincl)

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National Action Plan Against Poverty and Social Exclusion 2001-2003 (NAPincl)

The National Action Plans against Poverty and Social Exclusion, to be submitted by Member States to the European Commission not later than 1st June, 2001, are a fundamental component of the open method of co-ordination, as established by the Lisbon European Council. Their aim is to translate the Community level objectives, endorsed in December 2000 by the Nice European Council, into each Member State, taking into account national circumstances and policy priorities.

An outline format for the National Action Plans was agreed by the EU Employment Affairs and Social Protection Committee on 19th January. A seminar with officials from the relevant services of the EU Commission was held in Brussels on March 28th. The purpose of the seminar was to have an open exchange of information and debate with relevant stakeholders in Ireland and the Commission about the process of co-ordination on social inclusion and the preparation of the National Action Plans. Representatives of the relevant stakeholders in Ireland were invited to attend. These included representatives of the relevant Government Departments, Social Partners and relevant Government Agencies, such as the Combat Poverty Agency, the Central Statistics Office and the Economic and Social Research Institute.

The preparation and drafting of the National Action Plan intensified in April and May. This involved using the administrative structures and the processes for consultation already in place for the National Anti-Poverty Strategy, and for the review of that Strategy currently taking place in accordance with the Partnership Agreement.

Government Departments submitted workplans for the period 2001-2003 and examples of best practice to the National Anti-Poverty Strategy Unit. The Combat Poverty Agency also had a key role in drafting elements of the Plan. An advertisement in the national newspapers, in February, requesting submissions on the NAPS review provided a further opportunity for stakeholders to express their views on national anti-poverty policies. Each of these submissions was considered as part of the National Plan process.

A round table held in May updated stakeholders on developments in relation to the preparation of the Plan, as well as allowing an opportunity to discuss equality issues.

A draft of the Plan has been considered by relevant stakeholders before submission to Government at the end of May. The Irish National Action Plan against Poverty and Social Exclusion was submitted to the EU on 1 June, 2001.

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