Publication - Disability Sectoral Plan July 2006 - 13. Resources, Review, Monitoring and Implementation Sectoral Plan

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13. Resources, Review, Monitoring and Implementation Sectoral Plan


13.1 Introduction

The Department will actively review and monitor progress in implementing its Sectoral Plan. Accordingly, the Department has put in place a framework to facilitate internal, external and cross Departmental review and monitoring of the Plan and its implementation.

13.2 Financial Resources

The financial resources required for social insurance and social assistance schemes for payments to people with disabilities are provided by way of the annual Departmental estimates process. The schemes and services aimed at people with disabilities are essentially demand led and consequently, the issue of financial allocations becoming exhausted during the period of this plan does not arise.

Improvements in schemes services, including increase in weekly payments, are issues for determination in a budgetary context. Every effort will be made by the Department to provide best estimates of likely demand for its disability targeted services with a view to providing accurate financial forecasts for their development.

In the context of organisational developments and compliance with the provisions of the Disability Act 2005, the Department and agencies will make appropriate provision in the context of their administrative budgets for commitments to be met and finalised.

13.3 Internal Review & Monitoring

In the first instance, the Department will review and monitor the plan's implementation through its Business and Strategic Planning processes. Annual reviews are undertaken by all relevant business units and this will include updates on relevant actions contained in this Sectoral Plan. The Department will also seek reports as appropriate from agencies under its aegis for this purpose. Any further review of the Department's Strategy will also reflect the commitments and actions detailed in the Sectoral Plan. Additionally, a monitoring committee of senior officials is being established to review and monitor the progress made by relevant business divisions and agencies. This committee will report as appropriate to the DSFA Top Management team and Policy Committee which is chaired by the Secretary General and by extension to the Minister.

13.4 External Monitoring Mechanisms

The Department is committed to a process of ongoing consultation with people with disabilities. The Department of Social And Family Affairs will continue to participate in interdepartmental co-ordinating and monitoring structures for the National Disability Strategy, including the sectoral plans under the Disability Act, 2005. It will also participate in arrangements to be put in place to ensure a continued constructive relationship with stakeholders in relation to progress on the National Disability Strategy as a whole. This will include bi-annual meetings between senior officials and other stakeholders in line with the commitments contained in the social partnership agreement, 'Towards 2016'.

As part of that process the Department will continue to consult with the Disability Sector through the Department's Disability Consultative Forum, with regard to and progress made on its Sectoral Plan.

The Forum meets on a quarterly basis and it is proposed to review progress on the Sectoral Plan's implementation on annual basis. The Department also proposes to comprehensively update and review its plan with the National Disability Authority on an annual basis.

13.5 Cross Departmental Monitoring

As part of the preparation for the publication of this sectoral plan, the Department met with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the Department of Health and Children to discuss the issues of mutual concern in relation to service provision for people with disabilities. In the interest of best reflecting the commitment to co-operation, a protocol has been agreed with each Department (See Section 6). These protocols identify relevant key objectives drawn from this Department's Statement of Strategy in relation to people with disabilities and actions which require cross-departmental co-operation. The actions agreed in these protocols will be similarly incorporated into the sectoral plans of the Department of Health and Children and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

A monitoring mechanism has been agreed with each of the other Departments for these protocols by means of regular bi-lateral meetings to assess progress which will, in turn, feed into the internal and external monitoring processes for the overall sectoral plan.

13.6 Reporting Arrangements and Timeframe

In addition to the structures put in place for the review and monitoring of the plan a formalised time bound reporting system will also be established. The Department will review progress on its sectoral plan on annual basis and this will be formally reported in the Department's Annual Reports 2006 to 2009. At the end of 2009 a formal review of the plan will be published in line with the recommendations made by the National Disability Authority.

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