How much can I get?

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Your payment is made up of a personal rate for you and extra amounts for any qualified child(ren) you may have.

A widow, widower or surviving civil partner who remarries or registers in a new civil partnership and who does not qualify for a pension on the death of the second spouse/partner or who qualifies for a pension at a lower rate than that payable prior to his or her remarriage/registration in a new civil partnership, may requalify for a pension at the rate which would have been payable before they remarried/registered in a new civil partnership.

Who is a qualified child?

A child up to age 18, who is normally resident in the State and who is living with you, is a qualified child. A child aged between 18 and 22 who is normally resident in the State continues to be a qualified child if he or she is in full-time education by day at a recognised school or college. Payment continues up to the end of the academic year in which the child reaches the age of 22.

Widows, Widowers and Surviving Civil Partner's who are aged 66 and over

You may qualify for extra weekly increases if you are:

  • aged 66 or over
  • aged 66 or over and living alone
  • aged 66 or over and living on an offshore island off the Republic of Ireland
  • aged 80 or over.

Widow's, Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner's Contributory Pension is not paid in addition to State Pension (Transition) or State Pension (Contributory).

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Last modified:10/01/2011

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