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You should apply for Injury Benefit within 21 days of becoming ill, otherwise you may lose benefit.
To apply for Injury Benefit, you should:

  • go to a doctor and get a first social welfare medical certificate which includes an application form, and
  • complete the medical certificate and application form fully.

You can hand your certificate into your local Intreo Centre or your local Social Welfare Office or post it to:

Injury Benefit Section
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
P. O. Box 1650
Dublin 1

You should forward a medical certificate each week as long as you are unfit for work.

Important: All work accidents and diseases do not result immediately in illness or incapacity. In such a case, to secure your future right to benefit, you should apply for a declaration (using Form IB/OB1) that your accident or disease occurred at work. You can get the application from Injury Benefit Section at the address on Section 18.

Last modified:16/02/2016

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