Injury Benefit - SW 30

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You will qualify if:

  • you are unfit for work due to illness because of an accident at work or if you contract a prescribed occupational disease,
  • and
  • your illness lasts for at least 7 days (excluding Sundays).
    See also section 6 regarding declarations.

Pending a decision on your claim to Injury Benefit, Illness Benefit can be paid to you if you satisfy the PRSI contribution conditions for that benefit.

Accidents or diseases while working abroad

If you are working for an employer in another EU country, you are generally covered by the social security laws of that country. In such cases, you should make a claim for occupational accidents or diseases to the social security authorities there. However, if you have been sent by an Irish employer to work in another EU country and if you continue to pay Irish PRSI contributions, you are covered for Injury Benefit under Irish legislation. See section 7 for more information.

Under special rules, employment abroad in a developing country is normally covered for Injury Benefit if you arranged the work either through:

  • the Agency for Personal Services Overseas (APSO),
  • an Irish-based non-governmental organisation,
  • a governmental or non-governmental agency in another member state of the EU,
  • or
  • the government of a developing country.
Last modified:02/07/2019

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