Invalidity Pension - SW44

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Invalidity Pension can be paid weekly:
  • at your local post office by Social Services Card, or
  • by direct payment into your current, deposit or savings account in a financial institution.

Going to live abroad

Invalidity Pension can be paid abroad by direct payment to a financial institution. If you intend going abroad to live please contact the Invalidity Pension Payments Section at the address below.
Invalidity Pension Payments Section


Social Welfare Services
Government Buildings
Ballinalee Road


Telephone: (043) 3340000
LoCall: 1890 92 77 70 (from the Republic of Ireland only)
+ 353 43 3340000 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)


You will get your payment in local currency into your bank account every 4 weeks (3 weeks in arrears and 1 week in advance). 
Last modified:31/01/2016

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