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You should apply for Illness Benefit within 7 days of becoming ill. A delay of more than 7 days may cause you to lose some of your payment. If there is a good reason for the delay in applying, your payment may be backdated.

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How to apply:

  1. (1) go to a doctor and get a first social welfare medical certificate (known as MC1), which includes an application form.

  2. (2) complete the MC1 application form in full. Ensure you provide your own PPS number, the PPS number(s) and other details of any other person you wish to claim an increase for such as spouse/civil partner/cohabitant and children.

  3. (3) make sure you sign the declaration on the application form.

  4. (4) hand your certificate into your local IntreoCentre, your local Social Welfare Office or post it to:
    Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
    P.O. Box 1650
    Dublin 1.

  5. (5) get an intermediate Social Welfare medical certificate (known as MC2) from your doctor each week for as long as you are ill, or until you are advised otherwise by your doctor or the Department.

  6. (6) get a final Social Welfare medical certificate from your doctor before you go back to work.


  • You are not required to pay for a social welfare medical certificate as the Department pays the doctor an agreed fee.
  • Social welfare medical certificates (MC1 and MC2) are not available on-line or from any office of the Department. They are only available from doctors who are on the Department's panel of medical certifiers.
Last modified:07/09/2016

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