When and how do I apply?

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You should apply for the Respite Care Grant as soon as you feel that you meet the conditions outlined in this booklet and are not receiving a payment mentioned in  Section 1.

You can apply for the Respite Care Grant by completing the application form RCG 1and sending it to the address below.

If you are caring for more than one person please complete an RCG 1 (a)for each additional person and attach it to your completed RCG 1.

You can get an application form from your local Social Welfare Office, Citizens Information Centre (CIC), from the address below, at 'www.welfare.ie' or by text to 51909 (see details in Section 11).

If you need help completing the application form, contact your local Social Welfare Office or the Respite Care Grant Section.

Send your completed form to:
Respite Care Grant Section
PO Box 10085
Dublin 2

Telephone (01) 704 3240

Last modified:29/06/2011

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