When and how do I apply?

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If you are a guardian you should claim within three months of the child(ren) becoming orphaned or coming to live with you.

Warning: If you fail to claim in time you may lose some of your payment.

Return completed application form GP 1 to:

Guardians Section
Department of Social and Family Affairs
Social Welfare Services
College Road

LoCall: 1890 500 000 (from the Republic of Ireland only) or
+353 71 91 57100 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)

Documents needed with your claim

  • Your birth certificate, if born outside the Republic of Ireland
  • Birth certificates for the child(ren), if born outside the Republic of Ireland
  • Death certificate of deceased parent(s), if applicable, if the death occurred outside the Republic of Ireland

We do not accept photocopies of certificates.

We will also need independent written confirmation of parental abandonment and failure to provide for the child(ren).

Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number)

You must give your PPS Number and the PPS Number(s) of the child(ren) for whom you intend to claim a payment. If you do not know these numbers, please contact your local Social Welfare Office. They will let you know your PPS number. If you do not have one they will let you know what you have to do to get one.

For more information, log on to 'www.welfare.ie'.

Last modified:29/06/2011

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