2002 Acts

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Social Welfare Act 2002

Arrangement of Sections
Social insurance benefits (new rates)
Social assistance payments (new rates)
Family income supplement (new weekly rates)
Employment contributions (amendment to earnings ceiling)
Optional contributions (new rates of contributions and amendment to income ceiling)
Short title and construction

Social Welfare (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2002

Arrangement of Sections

Part 1

Amendments to the Social Welfare Acts
Child benefit (new rates)
Respite care grant — increase
Widowed parent grant — amount of grant
Disability benefit — linking provisions
Unemployment assistance and pre-retirement allowance — linking provisions
Qualified child — extension to end of academic year
Disability allowance — amendment of rounding provision
Maternity and adoptive benefit — amendment to contribution conditions
Amendments consequential on the alignment of the income tax year with the calendar year
PRSI arrangements for certain personal pensions
Personal public service number — extension of provisions
Social Insurance Fund — expenditure on benefit
Contributions — application of Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997
Carer’s benefit — improvement

Part 2

Miscellaneous Amendments

Part 3

Short Title, Construction and Commencement


Pensions (Amendment) Act, 2002

Arrangement of Sections

Part 1 - Preliminary and General

1. Short title, collective citation, construction and commencement.
2. Definitions.

Part 2 - Personal Retirement Savings Accounts

3. Insertion of Part X in Principal Act.
4. Amendment of Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997.

Part 3 - Pensions Ombudsman

5. Insertion of Part XI in Principal Act.

PART 4 - Amendments of Existing Provisions of Principal Act

Chapter 1 - Amendments to Part 1 of Principal Act

6. Amendment of section 2(1) of Principal Act.
7. Amendment of section 3(1) of Principal Act.
8. Further amendment of section 3 of Principal Act.
9. Amendment of section 4 of Principal Act.
10. Amendment of section 5(3) of Principal Act.
11. Amendment of section 5B of Principal Act.
12. Provision in relation to professional guidance issued by Society of Actuaries in Ireland.

Chapter 2 - Amendments to Part II of Principal Act

13. Amendment of section 10(1) of Principal Act.
14. Amendment of section 18 of Principal Act.

Chapter 3 - Amendments to Part III of Principal Act

15. Amendment of Part III (title thereof) of Principal Act.
16. Amendment of section 27(1) of Principal Act.
17. Amendment of section 28 of Principal Act.
18. Amendment of section 29 of Principal Act.
19. Amendment of section 30 of Principal Act.
20. Amendment of section 32 of Principal Act.
21. Amendment of section 33 of Principal Act.
22. Amendment of section 34 of Principal Act.
23. Contributory retirement benefit for persons leaving schemes after 1 June 2002.
24. Amendment of section 36 of Principal Act.
25. Amendment of section 37 of Principal Act.
26. Amendment of section 39 of Principal Act.

Chapter 4 - Amendments to Part IV of Principal Act

27. Amendment of section 41 of Principal Act.
28. Amendment of section 42 of Principal Act.
29. Amendment of section 43 of Principal Act.
30. Amendment of section 44 of Principal Act.
31. Amendment of section 45 of Principal Act.
32. Amendment of section 46(1) of Principal Act.
33. Amendment of section 48 of Principal Act.
34. Amendment of section 49(4) of Principal Act.

Chapter 5 - Amendments to Part V of Principal Act

35. Amendment of Part V (title thereof) of Principal Act.
36. Amendment of section 54 of Principal Act.
37. Amendment of section 55 of Principal Act.
38. Amendment of section 56 of Principal Act.
39. Indexation of pensions under certain schemes to be considered by trustees.
40. Amendment of section 57 of Principal Act.
41. Obligation of employer to remit contributions under scheme.

Chapter 6 - Amendments to Part VI of Principal Act

42. Amendment of section 59 of Principal Act.
43. Certain duties of trustees with respect to windings-up and bulk transfers and invalidity of certain acts.
44. Amendment of section 62 of Principal Act.

Chapter 7 - Amendment to Part VII of Principal Act

45. Amendment of section 80 of Principal Act.

Chapter 8 - Amendments to Part VIII of Principal Act

46. Amendment of section 82 of Principal Act.
47. Amendment of section 83 of Principal Act.
48. Amendment of section 84 of Principal Act.
49. Amendment of section 85 of Principal Act.

Chapter 9 - Amendments to Schedules to Principal Act

50. Amendment of First Schedule to Principal Act.
51. Amendment of Second Schedule (title thereof) to Principal Act.
52. Amendment of Part A of Second Schedule to Principal Act.
53. Amendment of Part B of Second Schedule to Principal Act.
54. Insertion of Part C in Second Schedule to Principal Act.
55. Amendment of Third Schedule to Principal Act.

PART 5 - Amendments of Miscellaneous Other Enactments and Saving

56. Amendment of Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993.
57. Pension adjustment orders.
58. Non-application of Ombudsman Act, 1980, in relation to matters cognisable under Part XI of Principal Act.
59. Saving.

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