When and how do I apply?

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You should apply for Adoptive Benefit at least 6 weeks (12 weeks if self-employed) before you intend to start your adoptive leave.

In certain cases, you may apply after the child is placed with you, but if you fail to apply within 6 months of the date the child is placed, you may lose your Adoptive Benefit.

Under the Adoptive Leave Act, 1995, you must give your employer at least 4 weeks written notice of your intended adoptive leave.

You must also tell your employer 4 weeks before you return to work and confirm this notice in writing 2 weeks before your expected return.

When you are sending in your application you must supply a Certificate of Placement, as evidence of placement of your child. You can get this from the Registered Adoption Society or the Health Service Executive that arranges the placement.

For a foreign adoption, you must supply a copy of the Declaration of Suitability that you got from the Adoption Board.

We cannot pay Adoptive Benefit until we receive either the Certificate of Placement or Declaration of Suitability.

To apply, complete the application form AB 1and send it to:

Adoptive Benefit Section
Department of Social Protection
McCarter’s Road
Co. Donegal.

LoCall: 1890 690 690 (from the Republic of Ireland only)
+ 353 1 47 15898 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)

Written confirmation will issue once your claim has been processed.

Last modified:13/07/2011

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