Domiciliary Care Allowance (DCA) Scheme Review - Terms of Reference

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  1. Examine and report on the policy objectives and legal provisions underpinning the DCA scheme;
  2. Review the current administrative, medical assessment and appeals processes underpinning the scheme, including an examination of the duration of review periods for the scheme based on the medical condition of the children involved and taking account of other priority demands on the medical resources of the Department;
  3. Review the Medical Guidelines and the Report of Expert Medical Group having regard to the 3 years operational experience since they were introduced;
  4. Liaise with the Advisory Group on Tax and Welfare in the context of their review of DA/DCA issues and incorporate any relevant findings into the administrative arrangements for the DCA scheme;
  5. In light of the foregoing, consider whether any legislative changes are required in relation to the scheme and whether the current administrative, medical assessment and appeals processes need further refinement to meet the overall policy objectives of the scheme; and
  6. Make recommendations to the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection by end December 2012 on the basis of these findings.

As part of the review, a consultation process with parents and representative groups will be held.

Composition of the review Group:

The group will be chaired by Ms Sylda Langford, and comprise of representatives from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, other relevant Departments/public bodies, experts with relevant experience in the area and parent/advocacy group representatives.

Last modified:10/09/2012

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